1. About (Writing)

Years ago, I was doing some copywriting work for an agency. This particular agency eschewed standard titles, so they asked me to come up with one for myself that would be easily understood to mean “copywriter,” but that was unique to me. As I am a musician, I came up with CopyRocker. It stuck.

My resume, samples, and client list will give you a more detailed view into my work as a writer, but as a quick summary: I’m a writer with 15+ years professional experience. Currently, I do many types of copywriting (marketing, branding, long-form, short-form). I also write features for Gawker and Deadspin (primary beats there are books and beer, respectively). Many of my clients are in the financial and/or technology space, though some are not. I’m honored to write for global corporations, disruptive start-ups, and the many businesses in between.

If you are interested in having me rock some copy for you, please get in touch. Or, in the meantime, have a look at some samples, some of my clients, some testimonials, and an abridged résumé.